The F1st-66XS KIRISAME is the new standard KIRISAME of the 5-D Graphite era. With a STINGER TIP and upgraded blank, KIRISAME is a master of light finesse rigs, scoring highly across all finesse benchmarks throughout its development. The extra fast tip displays excellent “give,” absorbing light bites and imparting tantalizing action alike. Improved cut-patterning and layering process of the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM ensures an impossibly smooth taper transition into the mid-section, where the blank’s tenacious torque enables long casts, strong lifting power, and decisive sweeping hooksets. The KIRISAME is the new global standard of finesse utility.

*As with all STINGER TIPS, please be especially mindful of tip storage and high-sticking, as this professionally tuned tool will not forgive misuse. If cared for properly, the STINGER TIP will deliver unrivaled performance, year after year.