Monstrotune dedicated to lip lure

Monstrotune based on El Horizonte 78 aiming for a rod to maximize the use of Magnum crank and lip big bait vibration.
A large lure can be thrown far into the center of the 2 oz class lure, and it is a blank that wraps and receives the lure of that class, making it a truly unique book with enough versatility.

The other side of Berry

From a low resistance to a high resistance, an even bend from tip to berry perfectly captures the setting

Very supple and honest tip-belly part

A sense of torque that can be felt immediately after use is an essential element to use a large resistance lure all day without stress.
After hanging, it can be brought into the landing very quickly and smoothly without any resistance to the fish.



While aiming at the lip lure, it is a model with a very wide range of usable lure because of the versatile blanks. The lightweight lure of 3/8 class can be handled easily and the lure of 5 oz class is full swing. The fishing that can be covered with this one will spread greatly. The Scones and Weighted Rigs, including Texas, can be used to vibrate and minnow, etc.【Width】 enables the power advantage of the late record Mundial.



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Monstruo 77 | Tip-Berry

Staff Comment

It is made in accordance with the tip-berry seasoning, and it is a setting that can be completely received by the uniform bending from tip to berry from weak resistance to quite strong resistance. It was possible to wind without losing the lure’s vibration width to the vibration centering on the lip system, and the super distant throw such as magnum crank became a pleasant bond. The weight around the grip is no weight, and the grip material on the lower side of the separate is compressed cork. The material of the grip end is made of lightweight EVA, making it an exquisite balance that does not pull down the parallel balance. With this setting, you can hold the hook without having to strongly reel the reels even at slow times. It has become a bond that can be recommended with confidence that high-dimensional response can be made from fast retrieve to slow retrieve.