In search of a more direct feeling of operation.

It must be hard to hang and must turn to catch. Monstro 71 which united the opposite nature with perfect balance. While inheriting the concept, Monstro 610 was developed specifically for rubber jigging. This rod specialized in rubber jigging at the bottom, which is still fishing, has been developed for direct manipulation in the dense glass area spreading in the south lake of Lake Biwa and the deep area centered on the north lake Yes.

Monstro specialized in “fishing of operation system”.

A hard tip section that can move the rubber jig quickly, cut the weed freely, and can penetrate the hard upper jaw of the big bath instantaneously. A moderately-tensioned belly section to shift the hooking power naturally from tip to bat. And a bat section with a tremendous torque that draws the monster class bus lightly and turns firmly. The Monstro 610 is a rod that combines all of them and specializes in fishing in the control system.

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Staff Comment

In Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa game, the angler must also fight various factors that prevent hooking and action.
For example, a lake streamlines slug or any line slug created for a natural stay.

You have to control these two line slugs, and in a situation where weeds are busy, you have to shift from zero tension to 100% line tension and decide on hooking.

The same is true for quick and delicate lure action, making the rubber jig that sinks deep in the lake natural, and sometimes adding action quickly, making the process from hooking to landing more reliable at the angler’s will.

Monstro 610 was developed to accommodate the high dimensions of those elements.
Monstro 71 is a rod that is packed with elements for winding and catching jigs, whereas Monstro 610 is a monster that specializes in “control system fishing” that moves the jig freely.

Rubber jigging at the bottom which is fishing of the stillness.

Another form for hanging by Peter, the developer of Monstro 71.