F-3-72X4S-SS Whip Snake Five Pieces
The ultimate fun fishing multi-piece rod for both fresh and salt water. Inspired by the OROCHI X4 F3-610X4S, an extra four inches enables anglers to cast further and makes this a versatile rod to target anything from largemouth to sea bass, snapper, or rock fish.
For bass fishing, this rod was designed to simply enjoy bank fishing and works well for jerkbaits, drop shots, and light Texas Rigs. As for saltwater, jerkbaiting for sea bass is the primary focus of this rod’s design. However, it is also great for catching rock fish that hang tight to reefs because it features a heavier action and a powerful butt. The perfectly soft tip allows anglers to handle small popper and pencil baits with no trouble. It is a special, highly versatile rod that has no limits when it comes to catching multiple species of fish.
In order to improve effectiveness for saltwater applications, the durable put-over ferrule and small diameter K guides were used in order to reduce line trouble and make the rod lighter.