F4-66X-SS Cyclone Backpacker Four Pieces
The four piece version of the popular Orochi X4 F4-66X4
The spigot ferrule is used in order to match the feel and action of the one piece rod. Designed for maximum portability, the collapsed length is under 23 inches (56.6cm) and the special hard case is only 23.8 inches (60.5cm). This is the answer for the most dedicated fisherman who want to fish while traveling for vacations or even business trips.
The rod action is geared towards versatility so that anglers are able to employ multiple techniques with just one rod. Not only is this rod ideal for shallow cranking, like the Cyclone, but it is also great for most other fast moving baits like topwaters, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and lipless cranks. The small diameter K guide reduces line trouble and makes the rod lighter.