Road Runner Voice LTT (LT Tea)

The original lineup of “Road Runner Voices” that can be used at a high level for both hard baits and soft baits. By inheriting the excellent blanks and refining the setting balance, a more technical attack is possible. Tetsuo Tanabe himself was amazed by the performance of the voice that cannot be exceeded, and the performance was “really fishable”. Tighter, more direct, more perfect… “Road Runner Voice LTT” takes you to a new world of bass fishing.



We adopted Fuji Kogyo’s stainless steel frame SIC guide with the original setting of Nori’s even considering the weight balance. The K guide is the main and the top guide is MNST. Also compatible with PE lines. Blanks with voice green applied to the butt section and unpainted from there to the top. Visualizing luxury and total balance.


The non-slip fore grip, a symbol of the road runner, has a new short shape. Fuji Industrial PTS reel seat is set with emphasis on the degree of freedom and stability of the wrist during casting.



Fuji Industrial WBC balancer and balance weight 3/8oz.2 pieces are standard equipment. The casting balance can be adjusted immediately depending on the lure used.


200mm, 220mm, 240mm from the top (the length from the front end to the rear end of the cork. The balancer with two pieces attached will be plus 20mm).