5.7 feet (full length when grip set)
Number of splices : 2 (one & half)
Material: Carbon (made in Japan) Blanking (made in Japan)
SIC Guide Handmade original made in Japan
Application: Lure: 4-24g Line: 6- 20LB
Color: Dark Olive
Luster Ichisaku Matsumoto Made in Japan Made in Japan With Rod Bag
Reference Set: BC-730SSS / EYE-SPOT

“VINTAGE” # 2572
As the name implies, ISUZU’s president, I, a versatile rod builder, has been entrusted to Kazuyoshi Matsumoto, a versatile rod builder, to set the standard for the fishing scene in BC . ************************************ “The standard of fishing is where we left our ancestors Putting and fishing is graceful . ” When we dig up the BC in 1999, we first decided“ the rule ”. Otherwise, the fishing will change from the ancestors, and their discoveries and rule morals will disappear. Then, 20 years passed. ************************************ Because it is a ferrule rod, it is actually 3 pieces, but all guides There is no convergence arrangement on the top piece, no gap due to splicing, and no bending irregularity. The 7: 3 regular taper operates accurately, the operation is as close to 1 piece as possible, and it is a comfortable rod with a sure set feeling. Even though it is a classic top W style, it can be stored compactly, so it is also useful for train expeditions.In addition,
accurate casting and lure operation are possible from around 3.5g, and
it supports multi-use for middle mainstream trout and river buses.
= Matsumoto Kazuyoshi = If you just want to know that you can make this kind of rod

just by using the ideas left by your ancestors, and what you need to know about the depth of fishing, I would like you to try not only fish species.