<What is Isuzu Vintage Style Reel? >
Iss expresses reel sizes in hundreds. For 400 series, ABU’s 1500-2500 series, 500 series are egg-shaped specifications only for the right cup of 400 series, high gear specification, 600 series are ABU 4000 series, 700 series are about the same size feeling as ABU 5000 series Become. BC stands for baitcasting and SSS stands for Speed ​​Slider Special. The SSS is designed with “smooth and light parts drive” equipped with five bearings. Some models do not have bearings. This is a manifestation of Isuzu’s craftsmanship that “it is not easy to throw anything just because bearings are included”, dare to synchronize the level winder with the spool, the rotation speed of the spool during casting Together with the “Vintage Style Brake” that synchronizes with the emission of the line, it becomes an important “Kita of taste” that the Isuzu users want to understand. The concept of a brake that reduces the number of revolutions by making the level winder resistant while “the parts drive smoothly and lightly” created by SSS. This eliminates the need for excessive summing, resulting in “moderately spinning” casting, resulting in “flying well”, “easy to use” and “vintage style reels”. Similar meanings apply to body size. It’s not good because it’s big and good because it’s small. Furthermore, please enjoy the “creative new values” created by smart playfulness in each size vintage even if it is not the right person in the right place. It’s your pragger and angler who directs the reels!

GEAR RATIO6.1, Minebea Fine Drive SUS BB * 5, Cam Stopper, DRAG MAX3.0,
FULLTIME LINE TRACE (Line Guide Active), WEIGHT 250g, LowCenter of Gravity Design CAPACITY: 200YDS / 8LBS, 160YDS / 10LBS, 135YDS / 12LBS , CNC PRECISE ALIGHNMENT, SPEED SLIDER SPECIAL structureClassic design Flat knob
OVER SIZE GEAR, Left (left handle) model Made in Japan

BC-520SSS COPPER * Right handle / BC-521SSS COPPER * Left handle 49140 yen (tax included)

BC-520SSS MOSS-GREEN * Right handle / BC-521SSS MOSS-GREEN * Left handle 49140 yen (tax included)

BC-520SSS NITE-BLACK * Right handle / BC-521SSS NITE-BLACK * Left handle 49140 yen (tax included)

BC-520SSS GUN-GRAY * Right handle / BC-521SSS GUN-GRAY * Left handle 49140 yen (tax included)