Light plucking model for bass fishing that can handle a wide range from 1 / 8oz to 1 / 4oz class top water, crankbait and shad to 3.5g class light rig. With a 6-piece design that keeps the final dimensions below 40 cm, it can be stored comfortably in a large backpack.
Because it can be easily carried around, fishing on trains and bicycles.
It is one that is most suitable for fishing on the trip.

* The photo is a proto.

new bass fishing that spreads from the first multi-piece model .
Fly well. Hook set is determined. HYUGA can be used for a wide range of methods, with light and comfortable mobility.
HYUGA is the basic performance required for bass fishing: “Flight distance”, “Hook set response”, “Lightness”, “Versatile power balance that accurately embodies 50:50 tension and energy” , “Mobility (easy to carry)” has been thoroughly developed as a core value.
HYUGA’s multi-performance dynamics allow anyone to experience high-level bass fishing immediately from one of the first choices, thanks to bold feedback from Megabus Rod Technology, which has supported the creation of the best rods for more than a quarter century.

A multi-piece model that is easy to carry around on HYUGA will debut! Because it can be easily carried by making it into multi-pieces, fishing by train or bicycle. It is one that is most suitable for fishing on the trip.