Ideal for applications that require heavy-duty hooks such as jig and worm. Strength to penetrate on the hook set and power to pull the fish out of heavy cover. Recommended for 1 power game rod for shore fishing. Model is also capable to fish 1.5 oz class Swimbait with ease.

A new dimension of core value performance changes the standard of bus rods. HYUGA finally debuts! 

New bass fishing spread from the first one.
Fly well. Hook set is determined. Light and comfortable movement performance corresponding to a wide range of methods can be mobile. So you can access any field. Active megabus NEW generation professional staff who conduct field attacks well over 200 days a year pioneer a new ground for bus rods.

The name of the rod that will finally make the world premiere is HYUGA.
HYUGA is the basic performance required for bass fishing: “Flight distance”, “Hook set response”, “Lightness”, “Versatility power balance that accurately embodies 50:50 tension and energy” , “Mobility (easy to carry)” is developed as a core value.
HYUGA’s multi-performance dynamics allow anyone to experience high-level bass fishing immediately from one of the first choices.

“If the first one is the best one,” with that thought.
HYUGA is a bus rod that creates new values. Finally debut.