Mobile rod designed exclusively for big bait

Big bait special rod that can be cast long distance by making the best use of the repulsive force of blanks with big bait up to 4 ounces.
The torqueful rigid arm rod that controls rough fight with big bass by the design that maximizes the rod rigidity such as adopting the all double foot guide, the blanks design that adopted the nano carbon material, the tough power while designing 4pcs mobile And torque, weight balance that does not make you feel 7 feet 4 inches is realized.
You can enjoy big bait games anytime, anywhere because it can be stored compactly with 4 joints and can be easily carried.

Product features

  • Adopting nano carbon blanks: Adopting nano carbon material, in addition to astonishing strength and durability, we realized a lightweight and highly sensitive rod similar to the high grade model!
  • Micro guide system: Micro guide system 4 different dimension specifications
    ① Ultra light weight! Guide weight is 50% lighter
    than conventional products ② Ultra high sensitivity!
    ③ Cast accuracy is improved! The result of suppressing rod shake and line fluttering to the utmost limit.
    ④ Hooking power is greatly improved! The guide close to the blanks reduces power loss.
  • Fuji New concept/KR Guide concept: Accuracy and hooking power are improved by suppressing torque and line flapping and rod power loss! No line trouble!
  • X-Wrapping Carbon: ABU’s original X carbon tape wrapping. Tightening with carbon tape in an X shape from an oblique direction (45 degrees, 135 degrees) improves torque and contributes to twist prevention.
  • Guide set mark that enables smooth joining: A guide set mark is printed on the joint part to enable smooth joining. *When setting, do not push it all the way in, leaving about 10 mm.
  • 4-piece rod that is convenient to carry : Not only is it convenient to carry, but the spigot joint (inro joint) realizes smooth action.
  • Semi-hard case included: The 4-piece model and the telescopic model have a special semi-hard case.