Jig Texas, spinnerbait bottom, cover game capture rod

One that can capture the cover, designed mainly for cover shooting such as jig Texas.

The blanks design using nano-carbon material realizes sensitivity and rigidity that exceed the specifications, and the action of the jig can be operated as imagined.

We have realized the response that determines hooking without missing a faint bite reaction and the power that can pull the bus away from the cover at once.

With a length that is easy to handle, it is a very convenient rod when used on small boats.

Hornet Stinger, which is supported by a wide range of people from beginners to veteran anglers, has been completely renewed!

Adopting “nano carbon material” for blanks while setting a reasonable price,

Hornet Stinger PLUS has been reborn as a “light, strong, hard-to-break, and sensitive rod”.

Equipped with high-spec functions such as “micro guide system” and “X-wrapping carbon”, there is no compromise in rod making.

From land to boat fishing, you can experience a higher level of usability in every field.

Micro guide system 4 different dimension specs!

Micro guide system
1. Super lightweight! Guide weight is 50% lighter than before
2. Super high sensitivity! The lightness and the large number of guides convey the underwater condition more reliably.
3. Cast accuracy UP! The result of suppressing rod shake and line fluttering to the utmost limit.
4. Greatly improved hooking power! A guide close to the blanks reduces power loss.