The original shape of the triangle matches the angle of the palming and holding to improve the power.
Plastic triangle and metal round cover are synchronized.

Comes with an original custom proof emblem.The tail fin type thumb rest is used as an extension bridge using the top of the triangle.

When casting, even if it has an explosive impact, it realizes stable summing
and improves the accuracy of casting.
It is possible to wind 91m with PE40lb by adopting a deep groove spool.

Power handle as standard equipmentPlease enjoy the effect and feeling as if Pyramid Power has descended! ! ! !
Let’s Shakin` PYRAMID! ! ! !

Matte black x gloss black specification

CAPACITY: 100YDS / 16LBS (91M / PE40LBS)
SPOOL, D30.6 * W17 FRAME 52mm high
NMB and Collaboration The world’s first high-performance reel-only bearing * 5
Made in Japan* NMB-The world’s largest market share in small-diameter and miniature-sized ball bearings with a diameter of 22 mm or less. The abbreviation is NMB (Nippon Miniature Bearing). It also develops and manufactures handguns and machine guns for police and the SDF. In addition, it is one of the Nikkei 225 stocks composed of large companies that influence the determination of the Nikkei Stock Average.
ISUZU was selected from numerous reel manufacturers and collaborated to develop a miniature bearing specifically for reels. Be intoxicated with its smoothness, strength and rotation.** Base is BC-420SSS base death.
The side cup of the 420 is designed to be divided into a side plate and a ring.
We will change this ring part to triangular plastic parts.
Plastic parts are removable.
Thumb rest between plastic parts is also removable.
If you have a 420 side ring, you can exchange
it. If you have another 420, you can transfer the triangular plastic parts there.

<Headhunters comment> I have
always been more skeptical.Why are there only round and egg-shaped reels? Why don’t you try to create a new shaped reel despite the fact that there are many brands ?
Assuming that the round shape is good, isn’t the offset grip used mainly in surface games an egg type with the reel sinking too much and mounted too much to make
any strange settings? If you make a straight grip like Robelson and make an egg-shaped reel according to it, you can understand the theory well.
In the first place, the egg type was born according to the straight grip when the grip transitions to a straight, and against the so-called “ surface game ” which performs casting with one hand with an offset grip, much less a single hand . Is there any possibility for other shapes? ・ ・ ・ 50’s fashion tackle group is nervous The bass dances with its coolness It is a tackle designed to feel the surface game oldies. Strangely, in the 50’s, the industrial design industry where conservative design was mainstream