The HB line-up is based on the low elastic LM30 graphite with an active taper and forceful design.
Designed with casting performance in mind so you never hold back when targeting deep cover with hard baits, and blanks that have the ability to draw out bites down deep. This is what ROADRUNNER rods are really about.

GUIDE SYSTEM Spinning rods in the HARD BAIT SPECIAL series use a titanium frame on the butt guide; this is called “POWER FLEX GUIDE SYSTEM”. By making use of the system NORIES has been able to keep the flexibility in the tip while maintaining casting accuracy, to create a highly accurate yet sensitive spinning rod.
Bait casting: Black Stainless Frame + SIC Guide
Spinning: Black Stainless Frame + SIC Guide
Butt guide / Titanium frame + SIC Guide HARD BAIT SPECIAL
Black Stainless Frame + SIC Guide
Butt Guide: Titanium Frame + SIC Guide


The far right balancer is used on the VOICE 760JMH/JH rods.


Weight Color Piece
3/8oz.(10.5g) 5 2pcs.

The colored balancers allow the angler to balance their rod setting to fit their own style and methods. Each series is equipped with the WBC balancer.Not only is it used to change the rod balance, by using different colors you can add your own accent and style to the rod, or use the different colors as markers to help you find the rod you need faster.

The rod is designed for extreme control when using jerk baits. It makes full use of Norio Tanabe’s experience and success in using jerkbaits in the American B.A.S.S. tournaments.

Twitch, stop, down jerk, high jerk, this 5 foot 6 inch rod is made for this style. The short handle makes the most of the snap when applying action to the lure. The tip guide is oversized to transfer as much power as possible to the lure. Made from variable taper blanks, it can cast far for its size with great hooking power. Sure to satisfy any jerk bait expert.
Being a ROADRUNNER rod it is designed for versatility and can be used in a wide variety of situations. Being a short rod it makes accurate casting a breeze, stress free fishing under overhangs and around complex structure. Fantastic control over top water lures, and the ability to directly guide crankbaits through difficult structure, this is a rod for the angler who understands the importance and versatility of short rods.