Fenwick Golden Wing

Golden wing casting rod

Golden wing casting rod

Fusion of tradition and latest technology

New evolution through nanotechnology. Overwhelming lightness, super-high sensitivity, and strong torque

New Golden Wing uses nano resin carbon prepreg as the main material. In order to further enhance the properties of this new material, high taper was actively introduced into each model. By following the characteristics of the Golden Wing tradition of “strong tension”, “dry lightness”, and “high sensitivity”, the bat diameter is thick, the center of gravity of the rod is close to the hand, and the amount of resin is controlled appropriately. Sublimated to the next generation of blanks with a strong sense of torque. The fusion of nano resin and drastic high taper, which has a stronger molecular structure and is deeply bent and quickly restored, has given a new wing to the Fenwick traditional Golden Wing series.

[Guide] Titanium Frame / SiC Ring Guide Fenwick Original Finesse Guide System
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nano resin carbon prepreg

cross bag

6’0 “4-10lb 1 / 32-1 / 4oz 80g MF Grip: B

The number that went into the area of ​​the bait finesse model, the softest, short, spinning tackle. The extremely sharp and dry lightness unique to the 6’0 “length and the operability that enables a small and finely chopped shake to give you a great advantage in eating motion. Despite having a high sensitivity, the power of the blank that changes the characteristics of the bus when it is applied and lifts strongly while flexing flexibly is unique to carbon prepregs using nano resins. Needless to say, the risk of hook breakage and elongation is minimized and the bus can be lifted firmly in a neck rig or down shot rig using a square needle.

47,000 yen (excluding tax)