The F6.1/2-67X TACHYON SHAFT is a Yuki Ito Builders Spec model produced in limited quantities, for one purpose and one purpose only—to deliver the fastest, hardest-hitting hookset possible. Inspired by the original Destroyer® G-AX, first developed for legendary jig angler and JB World Champion, Ide, the TACHYON SHAFT is the realization of that historic project made possible with modern technology. Harnessing the 5-D GRAPHITE SYSTEM, the TACHYON SHAFT brings the reaction speed and power of world-class jig angling within reach. In recent years, an approach using bait finesse and lighter rigs in Japan has become common, but the reaction bite produced by heavy rubber jigs and Texas rigs will always have its place in angler hearts and trophy-class diets. Experience the TACHYON SHAFT, the realization of Ito and Ide’s long-held dream in jig fishing.