The Cyclone Backpacker Secret Service, a 4-piece travel baitcasting rod with carry case.

Minimize the final dimension to 60 cm or less (actual size 56.5 cm) and store it in a dedicated rod case (60.5 cm) to improve portability. A full-use multi-piece pack rod that responds to anglers’ desire to “fish on trips and business trips”. As a multi-piece rod, the action focuses on versatility so that you can enjoy as many different games as possible with a single rod. It supports not only cyclone’s best shallow cranking, but also all medium weight fast-moving lures such as topwater, spinnerbait, minnow, and vibration. The guide uses a small-diameter K guide. It eliminates thread entanglement, reducing weight and weight.

The 2015 release of the Orochi X4 Secret Service multi-piece travel rods features 2 rods, a baitcasting rod, the Cyclone Backpacker, and a spinning rod, the Whip Snake. The 2015 release differs from the 2014 release in that the rods feature cork handles and gray carry cases. Whereas the 2014 release features EVA foam handles and black carry cases.

Accessories: Rod case / tip cover / rod belt