The Whip Snake Secret Service, a 5-piece travel spinning rod with carry case.

The ultimate fan fishing multi-piece pack rod that can be used regardless of fresh or salt. Not only for bass, but also for the bay area sea bass, black sea bream, and rockfish games. The use on the bass is set so that it can be used comfortably from shad to minnow so that you can easily enjoy fishing on the land. On the other hand, it supports soft bait down shots and Light Texas. In addition, the main use is sea bass minnow plugging. On the other hand, because it has high tension and a strong bat, it can also attract the lock fish attached to the root, and the softness of the appropriate tip makes it possible to freely operate small poppers and pencil baits. It can be said that it is a special versatile rod that is independent of the genre.

The 2015 release of the Orochi X4 Secret Service multi-piece travel rods features 2 rods, a baitcasting rod, the Cyclone Backpacker, and a spinning rod, the Whip Snake. The 2015 release differs from the 2014 release in that the rods feature cork handles and gray carry cases. Whereas the 2014 release features EVA foam handles and black carry cases.

Accessories: Rod case / tip cover / rod tie