Avail Microcast Spool MT0025
(The spool rim level is 2.5mm)
Avail Microcast Spool MT0039
(The spool rim level is 3.9mm)

Metanium Mg

This model is for ’97 Metanium XT and ’00 Metanium Mg.
You can use a magnetic brake “Microcast Brake SHSC-05A”.
※This model is NOT compatible with Microcast Spool MT0078.

|Spool colors

Metanium Mg

|Braking system options

With No brake
※When you just remove SVS from your genuine spool and use it, please choose here.
At the most reasonable price, you can try the performance of lightweight spool.


With a magnetic brake
“Microcast Brake SHSC-05A”
※ Although the attachment would be difficult, fine-tuning of the magnetic brake is possible even with SHIMANO reel.



Spool : extra super duralumin
Shaft : stainless-steel


’97 Metanium XT
’00 Metanium Mg