Avail Microcast Spool MT1326RR (The spool rim level is 2.6mm.)
This is the light and shallow spool compatible with 13 Metanium.

By manufacturing the spool honeycombed, we make a great success of weight saving.
It will help you cast lightweight lures.

You can install the original SVS on this spool.

13 Metanium

13 Metanium

| Attention

SVS Infinity puller
* “SVS Infinity Puller” is absolutely necessary to remove the centrifugal brake from the original spool.
Please get one if you do not have.

| Colors

13 Metanium

13 Metanium

13 Metanium

13 Metanium

| Specs


Extra super duralumin

| Compatibility

SHIMANO 13 Metanium, 13 Metanium HG, 13 Metanium XG

Spool weight

Genuine Spool : about 10.3g
Microcast Spool MT1326RR : about 8.0g

| Line capacity

MT1326RR 12b-50m:10Lb-60m:8Lb-70m

* The numerical value mentioned above is the result of measuring by winding nylon line up to the edge of spool rim.