Finesse spin that opens the mouth of the bus.

Extra fast taper with excellent light rig operability, ultra light to light power blank.

A finesse spin that can be relied on in situations where you want to squeeze out any one of them, manipulating an ultralight rig with a more delicate tip than a light, and forcibly opening the mouth of the bus under severe pressure and tough conditions.

The long setting, which is advantageous in Okappari, and the original setting of a slim K guide with a small caliber improve the long throwing and operability of the ultralight rig. In addition, the action to give power to the berry has improved the root avoidance performance by the stack. A finesse spin with no mistakes in Okapari.


    • By using different materials for the tip section and bat section, an action design with the flexibility of a two-piece design has been realized. The tip section is made of a normal resin amount of carbon material and the bat section is made of a low-resin material with a sharp and firm texture for delicate operation and flexibility. In addition, the butt part is reinforced with 40t carbon and 4-axis cross to improve rigidity. Demonstrate the strong and powerful bat power that inherits the combat stick spirits. Calm coloring with blue pearls on black.

Guide system
Spinning semi-micro K guide setting with excellent sensitivity and operability by setting a slim high-foot K guide with a small caliber on the original guide and sending the line released with beautiful chalk control to the small caliber K guide of the tip. The top guide is compact and uses the LG top guide that has little thread distortion. A threadless design that is particular about weight reduction is applied to take steps.

High-grade spigot joint (inlay joint) is used for the joint. Natural bend curve, excellent transmission power of sensitivity and power. In addition, the metal ring placed before and after the joint contains dots that serve as a guide when connecting the rod.

* The joint part is designed to drill about 7mm to prevent loosening. Please note that excessive insertion or insufficient insertion may cause unexpected trouble. (The gap may change depending on usage conditions.)

Reel seat design
The Fuji VSS reel seat is slim and easy to grasp. Thorough black polish coloring.

Grip design
A front grip-less design that allows direct touch and a separate-type rear grip realizes significant weight reduction and light operation. The grip material uses EVA, which has excellent durability. Equipped with Evergreen original end plate at the grip end.