Super Bronzeback “Arriver 65” Alive Ver 65

It is one of Bassah’s best pleasures to pull a crankbait and catch a bass over 50cm.However, the field conditions do not allow such fishing. A spinning rod is indispensable if you want to catch good fish constantly. For spinning fishing, worms are mainly used. The bigger the bus is, the closer to the bottom, but it doesn’t stick to the bottom. For these buses, the American bass professionals have proven that swimming worm techniques using jig heads are effective for more than 20 years. In Japan, it is called “Nagoya Fishing”, “Fuwa Fishing”, “Mid Strawling”, “Level Stroke” and so on. I think “Jighead Wacky” is also in this category. I know many anglers who caught a big bass with this method, but their trouble was that there was no easy-to-use rod. Under these circumstances, “Raguse 757S”, specially ordered for “Gamakatsu”, has been evaluated and supported as the only rod that can be used. However, we are worried about the weight of the rod when fishing for a long time. In the last couple of years, manufacturers have released rods for jig heads, but there are no rods that feel like this! Oh, we have been developing a bus rod that has been warming up for many years, and we have finally reached this point. The birth of “Arriver”.

The guide uses Fuji’s Sic + titanium frame guide. By using the Ocean Top Guide, the thread tension on the tip has been reduced.

The blanks surface is unpainted and has an unsand finish that is said to have the highest surface hardness. Since the surface is uneven, the guide is attached by double wrapping.

AA class cork is used for the grip. The overall length of the grip is 38cm (the length under the reel seat is 21.5cm).