Next-generation standard equipped with CT (COMPACT & TOUGH) SV spool for the first time.
A full metal compact body that has gained high reliability for 15 years since the first generation that appeared in 2004. Made in Japan, which has been generously introducing the latest technology of DAIWA at that time, and has continued to demonstrate excellent functions approaching the flagship with each passing era.
The 9th generation traditional masterpiece was born under the name of Alphas CT SV, which has a fast-acting effect on the modern field.
Based on a reliable body, a small, high-performance engine was loaded. The installed 30φ CT SV spool has exactly the same specifications as the highest peak Steez CT SV engine. G1 duralumin, which is ultra-lightweight and highly rigid, is used as the material, and the excellent rotation performance with a good start-up is steadfast and haste. The only difference is the laser engraving of the model name on the spool side.
For example, a factory tuned machine. At first glance, it is a commercial vehicle. However, once you step on the accelerator, it is a racing package that instantly drives others behind. It can be said that it is a wolf covered with sheep’s skin, with a high-spec engine inside the invisible part.
The gear ratio is 6.3 70H and 7.2 70SH. Winding lengths of 59 cm and 67 cm, respectively. The features of the next-generation Versatile stand out with a variety of approaches, such as winding and shooting. The orange color based on black is a proof of the small lure compatible machine that has continued for generations in DAIWA bait reel. Even if the angler who fought in the battle with the existing model switched to CT SV, there is no sense of discomfort, and only the advantage exists.
Technology details

■ SV CONCEPT [SV concept]

“SV = Stress free Versatile” The SV that maximizes the actual combat benefits unique to magnetic brakes is hard to backlash, and the cast is easily decided … As a result, you can catch well! You can handle from to heavy lures literally without stress. You do not have to spend time setting up by exchanging spools or opening side plates. Among the existing bait reels, the range of lure defense The widest SV can be used in any style or field, from okappari to boats. The air brake system maximizes the effectiveness of the magnetic brake and completes a new era of versatile reels.

■ UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]

Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and has the maximum drag force that works as you tighten while achieving smoothness without stick (unevenness).

■ SPEED SHAFT [speed shaft]

The spool is only supported by the BB. Shaftless eliminates excess resistance and provides ideal spool rotation.

■ Air brake system

A brake system that achieves stress-free usability with extremely little backlash while significantly improving accuracy performance. The combination of the lightweight induct rotor structure and the lightweight spool greatly improves the rotational response as a spool unit. At the same time, the setting aims for a synergistic effect with the mag brake that has a clear on and off effect, and the brake works well at full cast, but at low rotation such as pitching, the induct rotor does not pop out and you can shoot with a low trajectory. In other words, the spool rises quickly even with a small force, the lure flies surprisingly well without force, and on the contrary, the backlash zone generated by the force is braked exactly. The result is a high level of comfort with the same brake settings for pitching and casting.