2019 TIDERIDE 4 651 solid
seat grip design of TIDERIDE ZERO has been rebuilt with 651 blanks
SSS specs that have greatly improved the weight and sensitivity

The tip section is a high carbon short solid and lightweight rig to go Please choose a titanium tip that feels a small sense of incongruity

Length: 1piece 6f 5in
Blank: Magnumcraft 40t
Guide: Toruzaito
Tip: Hicarbonsolid
Action: F / XF
Power: UltraLight
Lure: 0.4g-2.5g ( 0.8g standard)
Line: 1lb- 1.7 lb (ester)
Sheet: KDPS tamper
grip: Hard EVA stone coat
Weight 45g + -rod of 6 feet or less in

length weighs up
place and position and comes out with restrictions, taking into consideration balance of sensitivity and castability 1 inch shorter than S4 6f5in

The Tip
tip section is a high carbon solid connected longer than S4, leaving firmness E
Tip taper which does not become XFirst

The end of the weight reduction while performing the weight reduction of 6g more than the previous S4

Guide in which parts that tend to be the same cosmetic from each manufacturer are reviewed from functionality, and parts that are not necessary are reconsidered.
Torzaite, which can suppress the scenario of the guide at the time of back impact,
stable casting and landing possible, and PE, monofilament I can use it regardless of the line and

I am performing optimization of weight reduction and balance

separately including tax 49900

※ Note) The rod of Fragment Factory will be manufactured from your order