2017 Features
The Areatry features KGuide which reduces line troubles during casting. For each model “K” series guide is set with optimum combination setting.

National Fishing Pole Fair Trade Council Accreditation No. 7544

Castability is excellent – it has the flexibility to put a bit like a skillful trout. Matched model matching the spooning in the middle to the bottom later.

62FL-solid.F – Carbon SolidTip
It is superior in long-distance spoon of lightweight spoon and delicate operation is possible at every rod position. Especially excellent performance for lure control by drawing the surface layer of the spoon. Response can be instantly handled from byte to hooking.

A model with a response that can produce the desired action, and can be instantly honored. It has general versatility to handle heavyweight lures in general. It is especially suitable for bottom spooning.

The best model for middle range capture. It is possible to place a short byte on it. It corresponds also to cranking and minor twitching.

62UL-solid.F – Carbon SolidTip
Immediate model with solid tip of exquisite flex setting. Excellent sensitivity performance to capture more delicate operability and slight change, you can enjoy the game in an offensive style. It is also ideal for large trout aims.