Medium power solid regular fast action model. Equipped with a hard type high-sensitivity solid tip, it boasts high action performance and sensitivity transmission capability. It is a power-spinning model in an unprecedented area with ultra-high sensitivity performance that can accurately collect various information in water. Not only 6 inch class Nekorigu, but also a wide range of support such as down shot rig, Carolina & split shot rig, and shad racking.

Uses SiC.

The blanks material uses the world’s strongest high-strength carbon “TORAYCA(R)T1100G” and “Nanoalloy(R)” technology applied resin.

In addition, by combining high elasticity materials, we succeeded in developing a rod that has a power that cannot be imagined from the lightness when it is shaken when picked up.

What is amazing is not only its lightness and power but also the amazing cast performance produced by its high-repulsion design.

By increasing the rigidity of the hand, the blanks follow quickly according to the force of the takeback, the power is smoothly transmitted, and more efficient and high repulsive force is produced.

As a result, we have achieved a sharp cast feel with a minimal blurring of the blanks and excellent castability and accuracy.

In addition, it has excellent action performance, and you can perform various effects as you wish, from delicate lure control to actions aiming for instantaneous reaction effects. This series is dedicated to bassers who mainly develop power fishing all over Japan.