“The lure that is said to be able to catch fish is not perfect”, “The thing that Abu Garcia has developed know-how for attack and obstacles to develop, but this difference still can not be discerned”, “The latest, the method is more surely mastered devil sniper.  I want to do it with 2 piece rods, “I want to fish more than my friends, more”… A technique to continue bass fishing, devil snipers.  One piece rod series that produced the latest fishing style. Abu Garcia also aims at the upper end of the series, we support an angler who wants to step up bass fishing surely and wide in this series.

■ Original reel seat (spinning)
Abu Garcia original reel seat developed for the Hornet series. You can hold on firmly from cast to fight.

■ Guide system (spinning)
The PE specification model for Power Finesse is a unique setting that can not be considered in this price range, such as mounting the LDB guide of the SIC ring in the tip section.

■ Super Hardness EVA Grip
The grip uses ultra-hard EVA material, which is also used for high-end rods. Attack has a high ability to transmit and is excellent in design.

■ Original Reel Seat (Bait)
The bait type reel seat is a blank touch type in which a blank is exposed on the back side. A subtle Attack can be transmitted directly to your hands, making sure that you have a chance.

■ Guide system (Bait)
The model that requires power uses a double foot guide with a SiC ring. The 711H also incorporates a spiral guide to reduce problems when using the PE line.

■ Separate handle
Separate handle to the previous model. Well balanced, finished cool. The end cap glows with the relief of the Abu Garcia crest mark.

Model Notes
Hybrid glass that is essential to using Makiki. A hybrid glass rod that uses glass material for the butt ferrule and tip section, and graphite for the grip section. This setting cancels the feeling of weight inherent to the glass rod, holds a dull feeling, and the cast is decided clearly and sharply. Spinner bait, vibration, fast moving system such as crank bait, as well as top water and small high-appeal joint plugs, etc. are also attractive due to their wide application range. It is a model I want to recommend by all means to the glass rod inexperienced angler who had stepped on the foot in the selection.

High-level Versatile Rod. When it comes to Versatile, it is easy to think that “There is only one performance just because you can do anything,” but this item works well as a main rod as well as more specialized sub-support, so to speak supportive You can also expect a model. A rig that requires maneuverability like a Texas rig or rubber jig, and the castability of a medium crank or 3/8 oz spinner bait should also experience the ease of use with a single swing. Its versatile performance is not only for boat fishing, which can carry only one, but it can not be removed as a spare at boat fishing either, and it will be one for both main and super sub.

Jig & worm rod with a focus on operability and sensitivity. As you get more into bass fishing, you feel the need and the frequency of use increases with the fishing of Texas rigs and rubber jigs. This model has the best potential for this method, which requires a power that is not inferior to the cover, and high sensitivity that can distinguish obstacles and cutting tools. A length and rod balance that can be freely operated from a light Texas of around 5g to a football jig of 1 / 20z. Bat power fu can also cut thick weeds without difficulty, and thick hooks can be penetrated firmly by the bass jaws. Clears all aspects required for jig worm fishing on a high level.

Series Longest & Strongest Powerful Model. “7 feet 1 inch heavy” is a specification that is essential to power fishing. However, he is also obsessed with taper as it is strong, and Big Bait, which is hard to cast, can also be thrown easily using the power of a rod and bending, so its operability is also outstanding. Even with heavy texas that shoot at the back of the cover, pitching of guarded rubber jigs, and heavy cover games that use frogs, you can expand the advantage by the torqueful blanks characteristics and pull out the decabass. The large-diameter double-footed SIC guide is fully equipped, and a spiral guide setting has been adopted to reduce problems when using the PE line. By ending the spiral on the bat side, the stripper guide is installed at an angle of 45 degrees in order to reduce the load caused by the run out of the blanks in the power game and enable a good casting.

High sensitivity solid tip model matched to finesse fishing. No sinker rig, tiny jig head wackie, tiny jig head mid straw ring, small rubber jig. In such a mainstream mainstream finesse style, it is important for the lure to bite into the sleek bath without discomfort. At Abu Garcia, we have manufactured a spinning solution that eliminates the short bite to the limit by the solid tip method (PAT) where the tubular and the solid are joined exquisitely. Realize a solid butt but finessed pinpoint When aiming for the pinpoint delicately, of course, because it is a smooth taper, it finished in a solid that can be used for all rounds such as mining.

Long distance model that can explore a wide range. 6 feet 9 inches long spinning model. The best long throw performance in the series. This rod comes into play in long-throw and wide-ranging side-by-side fishing like light carolina rigs and split shot rigs. It is possible to feed the rig to a distant spot while drawing a smooth bend curve. The tip section is delicately finished, so the action can be added as you like, so you can feel the bite firmly even if you are far away. It is useful for small-mouth bass aiming where the long-distance approach is important, and fish fishing that requires long throws.

PE line compatible power finesse dedicated model. “Catch the fish that could not be caught until now!” Is a cover compatible model of the concept. Cover capture with a light rig that is essential for modern bass fishing. I drag the big fish that hides behind the obstacles that could only be attacked by the bait tackle, utilizing the blank power of 6 feet and 7 inches of ML. Not only hard, it is a taper design that can operate a tiny rubber jig delicately with fluff and send it to pinpoints surely. The top of the MN type guide, the tip section equipped with an LDB guide, eliminating the trouble when casting and line trouble. Support your cover cheats.

Powerful Spinning Essential to decabass Cheats. I would like to aim at the offshore structure with a slightly heavier jig head. I want to shoot in a flipping style with a thick cover and pull out the decabass. A great choice for such a powerful attack. The length of 6 feet and 8 inches and the power of medium heavy are useful for fishing as well as castability. While there was only this length, by making it an exquisite balance setting, it was considered that it was hard to feel tired even when used all day. This rod is essential if you use a spinning rod to shoot at decabass.