A model with a taper that allows long casts of crank baits and spinner baits, and can also handle Texas and rubber jigs. Despite being a long rod, the grip is designed to be as short as possible to keep the balance. The Okappari Versatile Bait Rod is useful for fishing in wild ponds and rivers where there is a lot of long cast cover fishing, and the spec of 6’11 “medium action is useful.

Equipped with high specs such as micro guide system and X-wrapping carbon while setting a reasonable price. In addition, there is no compromise in rod making, such as reducing the weight with low resin. If you are an angler who is particular about tackles and the game itself, you should be able to understand the high performance beyond the price just by holding it. A lineup of one piece that has both ideal bending and power, and a river special that enables long casting to the opposite bank!

Product features

  • Micro Guide System®
  • X-carbon wrapping
  • Equipped with new K-Guide (spinning model)
  • Equipped with ALL K-Guide
  • 3 year quality guarantee


  • Micro guide system

    Micro guide system

    By adopting a small diameter guide, we succeeded in reducing the guide weight by about 50%. Moreover, the line does not flutter and the sensitivity is dramatically improved. Furthermore, by utilizing the torque of the rod and suppressing power loss, accurate and powerful hooking is realized. Of course, there is no problem with the cast distance!

  • X-wrapping carbon

    X-wrapping carbon

    Increase the potential of the rod! “X-wrapping” that winds carbon into an X shape. It reduces the twist of the rod and helps to improve the torque.

  • Crest emblem logo

    Crest emblem logo

  • Reel seat

    Reel seat

    Firmly fixes small and medium-sized spinning reels.

  • Cork grip 1

    Cork grip 1

    Lightweight and high quality cork is used to create a luxurious feel.