2000-2009 Features
The 2000-2009 Scorpion 1000/1001 features Shimano’s 4×4 SVS Brake System, Super Free Spool, and the handle knob is exchangeable.

The Shimano Scorpion was Shimanos first of many in the Scorpion lineup.  Produced from 2001 until 2009 the reel would be the basis for the USDM Curado and be Shimanos benchmark for a workhorse reel.  The reel features the 4×4 SVS centrifugal brake system which is adjustable from the outside via the adjustment dial.  The reel is made of aluminum alloy, has a titanium coated line guide, a light weight whiffle spool, and contoured knobs for either left or right retrieve depending on model.  The 1000 model is right hand while the 1001 is left hand.

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