The “172H” is said to be “essential” by professional staff who fight at the cutting edge of the tournament. We have thoroughly refined the basic factors of light weight, high sensitivity, and power. Balancing the conflicting elements of lightness and power is a long-standing theme, but Jackal x Shimano has tackled this challenge with the latest technology, Ultimate Blanks Design. By combining carefully selected materials from the tip to the butt section in the right place, we have completed a blank with lightness, power, and strength that was previously thought to be impossible. The “172H” is suitable for a wide range of lures such as rubber jigs, Texas rigs, frogs, and spinner baits, and has the power to instantly pull big bass hidden in covers and weeds. In addition, the weight reduction of the “Full Carbon Monocoque Grip (Triangle Shape)” improves vibration transmission, making it possible to clearly sense changes in the bottom sediment and the type of weed.