A new dimension of highly elastic cranking rod that fully draws out the vibration of the crankbait
The concept is rod action that transmits the vibration of the crankbait to the maximum, and realization of sharp and clear sensitivity that conventional cranking rods do not have. The answer given by Jackal x Shimano was the composite with the glass material and the high elasticity of the carbon material. Highly elastic carbon was not suitable for cranking rods because “riding” is important. However, the “170M” has a “Dynabalance” design that analyzes the vibration of the crankbait and derives a rod action that resonates to the maximum with that vibration, and a “Ultimate Blanks Design” structure to improve sensitivity and reduce weight. Is adopted. By selecting a glass material with excellent stickiness for the tip and a carbon material that is classified as highly elastic as a bass rod from the berry to the bat, the vibration generated by the glass tip is clearly transmitted to the hand. A “new dimension cranking rod” that suppresses excessive repulsion while being highly elastic blanks has been completed.