Megabass Translation: Megabass fiber material is referred to as the strongest organic, did the test introduction of Z-PBO (Zylon), was when (for Sea Bass rod hole shooting) XOR Rampage of 2004. Upon not only five feet three inches, just can not believe the overwhelming power and high torque is exerted, from slender blanks, such as trout rod, was able to effortlessly bring continuity to the landing of sea bass over 80cm. Then introduced limited to “Limited drizzle” ultra-light spinning rod is megabass, some towards the mania, ’07, at Carrozzeria Megabass has limited production multi cranking rod CF4-610Z. That comeback to the initial state with a time lag after addition to the concept elastic rod of the past, can bend people already exceeds the load fit, formula Z-PBO composite own Megabass, the concept of limit load damaged tubular shaft conventional I’ve been experimenting to exhibit the characteristic “shape memory”, overturned. To demonstrate the goodness of the glue that approaches the fiberglass rod, The, hip stickiness tough strength overwhelming shaft experiment brings, acute sensitivity along the original Destroyer made of graphite high elasticity to achieve lightness lined in pure carbon rod I even did you get. 2009, cyber cranking rod by Z-PBO strongest material was finally completed. Its name, Tomahawk GTZ. It cranking rod of battle intention to expand the corresponding region of the shaft Seoeru lure, multi-bombed with the lure of various sizes. Destroyer technology, they might change the world of the bus once again.