Morethan Branzino 3000

Name Morethan Branzino 3000
Base reel Certate Hyper Custom 3000
Weight 10 Ounces
Material Carbon Hybrid Spool
Bearing count 11+1RB
Gear ratio 4.8:1
Maximum Drag 15.4 Pounds
Handle length  
Retrieve Right/Left
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) 31.9 Inches
Line Capacity 14lb - 150m
Year Produced 2008
Quantity Produced  
MSRP 70,000 ¥

Notes: This reel is a combination of the best parts of a few Daiwa reels, the body is from the Certate line, the rotors are from the Exist line and the gearing takes compontents from the Saltiga line.