Soare CI4+ (2013)

Released in 2013 the Soare CI4+ was the second edition of the Soare reel. It features X Ship technology, CI4+ rotor, CI4 body, AR-C light spool and S A-RB bearings. There were two models released the C2000PGSS (compact body, power gear and super shallow spool) and the 2000HGS (high gear). The C2000PGSS features a black handle while the 2000HGS features a orange handle.

Reel Name Gear Ratio Weight Bearing Count Maximum Drag Line Retrive per Turn (IPT) Line Capacity Handle Length MSRP
C2000PGSS 4.3:1 5.6oz 8+1RB 6.6 Pounds 22.4 Inches 3lb - 95m 40mm 27700¥
2000HGS 6.0:1 6.5oz 8+1RB 8.8 Pounds 31.9 Inches 3lb - 110m 50mm 28560¥