Alphas Neo KTF (Limited Edition)

Name Alphas Neo KTF (Limited Edition)
Base reel Alphas Type-F
Weight 6.1 Ounces
Material Aluminum Frame, Plastic Sideplate
Bearing count 6+1RB
Gear ratio 7.5:1 or 5.8:1
Maximum Drag 8.8 Pounds
Handle length 80mm
Retrieve Right/Left
Brake System Air Brake System
Line Retrive per Turn (IPT)  
Line Capacity 12lb - 80m / 14lb - 71m
Year Produced 2014
Quantity Produced  
MSRP 37900¥

Notes: The KTF Neo Alphas is a limited 2014 reel from Karil Tuning Factory.  The reel features the Stress Free Versatile spool tuning and IXA ceramic bearings.  KTF offered two retrieve ratios with gears made of Duralumin.  The reels were offered in four colors (Blue, Red, Purple, Gold) and sold only by lottery on the KTF webshop.