Released in 2010 for the Japan market, the Z2020 is Daiwa’s heavy duty low profile casting reel.  Modeled after the Ryoga, the Z2020 is Daiwas answer to the low profile big bait crowd.  The Z2020 is the first Daiwa reel to feature the new Magforce 3D braking system.  Magforce 3D allows the user to not only adjust the brakes by the standard 20 mag settings, but also adjust between three initial magnet settings; “Max Brake”, “All Around”, and “Longcast”. The Z2020 also features, Real Four, a clicking drag star and cast control cap, and a solid aluminum body.  The reel carries over an interesting feature from it’s Ryoga base, a clicking drag.  As line is pulled from the reel the drag emits an audible click. The 2020H/L have black accents while the 2020SH/L have red accents.  The Z2020 is made in Japan.