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Expedition 4pcs bait pack rod

The standard fast-taper Huerco XT610-4C is a model that combines fishing practicality with multi-piece portability. A wide range of blanks with weights ranging from 10 g to 60 g flexibly respond to a wide variety of targets and their fishing methods regardless of fresh water and seawater.

[Target fish] Toman, barramundi, mashiru, pike, bath, sea bass, boat rock fish, etc.

XT Series [Expeditionary Tuned-Expedition Specifications]

From everyone who enjoys familiar outdoor activities such as camping, bicycling, to “tough” “rods” that can be used to cope with hard fishing trips with backpacks, Huerco’s XT [Expeditionary Tuned] series.

Smart multi piece

The blank is designed from scratch for the travel rod, and the shape that is derived from the pursuit of portability without loss of performance is a smart multi-piece grip-detachment method. Eliminated the packing loss and stress of the uniform division method generally seen.

Original guide setting

The optimal Huerco original guide setting is provided according to the model, and it has arrived as a result of research considering all possibilities as a travel rod ranging from reel size and line thickness, type, storage, and transportation that are supposed to be used. is. The small-diameter guide, which is not bulky when transported, demonstrates its real value when fishing. Please be surprised at this comfort.

Mixed carbon blanks

We adopted a carbon material with a different modulus of elasticity of 20 to 40 tons in the best way without compromising the properties of each weir in the best way, and finished it with a feeling of use that does not make it feel like a blank with many joints.

Huerco rod standard

The Huerco rod is designed to fit within the carry-on regulations of almost all airlines, and to fit within 90 cm or less, which can also be used for LCCs with small deposit requirements and smaller ones. It also minimizes the risk of damage and loss during movement and transport.

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