Ideal for sea bass, egging, wind, light shore jigging!

New concept series “XROSSFIELD” cross-field that crosses over each genre and corresponds to every field

New concept series for all fields


A long time ago, I enjoyed fishing for bass, trout and salt with a single lure rod. After that, various lure rods suitable for each genre were born, and more professional and more comfortable lure fishing became possible. However, for beginners, there are too many types of rods, and I want to start lure fishing, but I do not know what to choose, and it is difficult to buy all of them. “Crossfield” is an all-rounder that is perfect for starting lure fishing, which makes use of modern rod technology and has the function of a specialized rod while aiming at various fields, fishing methods and target fish species with this one. It is a rod. Feel free to enjoy fishing more comfortably and personally. You can find the best item that suits your style by looking at the item-specific correspondence table that you can see at a glance. Returning to the origin because it is a subdivided modern age. Let’s make full use of one rod and aim for more fish species!



Introducing a pack rod that makes the popular cross field even easier and easier to play!

Mobile existing popular models. Inro splicing specifications realize a beautiful bend curve that does not make you feel splicing and high strength. Crossfield MB, a very compact item that comes with a special semi-hard case and will be with you anytime, anywhere!