A 5-piece light monster hunt rod that allows you to enjoy “various fishing” from finesse fishing to powerful fishing, and realizes “the size that can be carried on board”.

In order to enjoy an unknown monster hunt that has not been seen yet at expedition destinations such as overseas, tropical countries and domestic remote islands, you can carry it on a trip with confidence because it has “high adaptability (universality)” that can target all fish species. It is a “light monster hunt rod (5 pieces)” that realizes “mobility performance”.

From bass, sea bass, rockfish and scorpion fish to arowana and peacock, regardless of fish species, regardless of field, from small to medium-sized fish species, you can enjoy a wide range of target fish and fights, “cast feel, lure operability” & “monster” This model, which has both “power not to lose”, supports powerful fishing from finesse fishing to a maximum of 30 g (1 ounce), and “X carbon tape” and “glass composite design” have power that can not be defeated by unexpected big fish. Realized with blanks that adopted.

In addition, you can carry it on board with the “compact design 5 pieces (46 cm)” designed for expedition fishing using an airplane! You can carry it with you without worrying about theft or damage during expedition fishing, and you can enjoy fighting with “anytime”, “any field”, and “any monster”.


1. FUJI latest reel seat PTS adopted (WMSC-762H, WMSC-792XH are TCS specifications)

2. All double foot guide (WMSC-762H, WMSC-792XH, WMSC-734H, WMCC-6102M only): Super toughness guide design. All guides are designed with double foot guides to reduce guide damage in monster fish battles.

3. Micro guide system (WMCC-652M, WMCC-6102M, WMCC-654M, WMCC-66M only)

4. Matte unsanding manufacturing method: Although it is an unsanding manufacturing method, a matte unsanding manufacturing method with a matte finish is used to reduce weight and reduce stickiness of the line.

5. Use of X carbon tape: The power (torque) is further improved by winding the X carbon tape formed in the diagonal (45 degrees, 135 degrees) direction around the entire blanks.

6. FUJI KR concept guide adopted

7, 4-piece models: “WMCC-654M, WMSC-734H” is a four-piece model, with private semi-hard case.

8. Soft bat cap (BRC) adopted: A soft bat cap (BRC) is adopted for the end cap, and it is designed to serve as a balancer and to fight firmly against monster fish by hitting the belly. (WMSC only)

9. Guide set mark that enables smooth joining (WMCC-66M, WMSC-762H, WMSC-792XH are not supported): Guide set mark is printed on the joint part to enable smooth joining. * When setting, do not push it all the way in, but leave about 10 mm.