Medium-sized moving versatile that supports a wide range from shallow to mid-run cranking, vibration, spinnerbait, and jerkbait.
Dodging the crank bait stack that contacts like licking the bottom, the flexibility of the tip that allows you to ride without even hitting the bite at a close distance, and once you hang it, the belly absorbs the behavior of the big fish, and with strong butt power It also has a high-balanced finish that holds it down.

The high operability due to the blank that eliminates blurring during casting and the grip length that is easy to handle is a machine gun specification that shoots pinpoints one after another with a circle cast.

A bold design that eliminates the fore grip significantly changes the reel seat position.



At the same time as reducing the feeling of weight caused by shortening the rear grip, we succeeded in reducing the weight by up to 45 grams.