An evolved version of the SV concept that has evolved further, proposed by Toshinari Namiki.
Toshinari Namiki proposes a new area of ​​SV concept under his supervision. Equipped with the first small diameter φ32mm G1 SVLIGHT spool, it not only demonstrates versatile performance under any circumstances, but also realizes the comfort of a finesse dedicated machine. It is exactly the same as the SV concept and the bait finesse machine. With Toshinari Namiki’s new proposal, the fishing area will be further expanded. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the beginning of Chapter 2 of the SV Concept.
Step into the realm of AIR

imageIf you attack SV with modern technology, it will be closer to AIR.

The AIR concept that allows the lightweight lure used in spinning tackles to be handled comfortably with bait. Its appearance was an epoch-making event in telling the history of bass fishing. The ultra-high performance spool, which also made it possible to easily launch a 1 / 16oz. Class rig, made it possible to use a line one rank higher and expanded the area of ​​cover fishing, which is a new memory.
The other male who appeared after that, the SV concept’s breakthrough, cannot be overlooked. Comfortable to achieve trouble-free even in headwinds by expanding the range of support from lightweight lures of around 5g to 1oz. Big baits. It goes without saying that it has continued to evolve with each generation and has been highly evaluated by anglers who can do everything with one unit.
“If we attack SV with modern technology, we can get closer to AIR.”
“SV meets AIR”. In 2018, it’s time for DAIWA’s two latest reel technologies to face each other. Toshinari Namiki’s proposal took a new step in the evolution of DAIWA reels.
“The cast feel is AIR and the spool strength is SV. I want the advantage of SV while maintaining the characteristics of AIR.”
The spool is made of G1 duralumin φ32 mm. With a view to using 20 lb. of thick thread, 80 m of fluoro 8 lb. Is stored. Marked 30m more than AIR.
“You can use 4g as comfortably as AIR. It is a high priority to shoot through without difficulty with a distance of 1.5 times that of the conventional one.”
The evolution of SV that has stepped into the realm of AIR by freely using the “gap” weights that have been attracting attention in recent years, such as 3.5-5g jigs and 1 / 4oz. Spinnerbait. AIR group goes to 1-2 rank thick thread and heavy lure, SV group goes to finesse.
The gear ratio is 6.3 for winding and 8.1 for shooting. Excellent compatibility with the light weight Versatile STEEZ machine gun cast 0.5 of Namiki announced this season. Also, when combined with Blitz, it specializes in the ability to handle small scrolls, and if you are a Harrier, you can win the advantage in cover fishing.
“I will improve the performance of the rod I have now by approaching from the reel.”
Definitely lead the times. The future of the next SV reel is here.

Specification details
image■ G1 duralumin ultra-high precision φ32 SV spool specification
G1 duralumin ultra-high precision MA air brake system adopted. Line capacity that also supports bait finesse using thicker thread. By making the spool deeper than the air model, it brought comfort to all “slightly finesse” rigs.
image■ High-precision machine-cut air metal housing
Air metal (magnesium alloy) is used for the main housing, and the set plate is made of aluminum to demonstrate light weight and high rigidity and suppress blurring and distortion. It is also directly linked to the improvement of rotation performance and hoisting performance.

image■ Zion Star Drag

image■ High Grip I Shape
Light Knob It is extremely thin and features a grip that sticks to your fingers. It weighs 4g and is equipped with Daiwa’s lightest knob at the moment.
image■ SV CONCEPT [SV concept]
“SV = Stress free Versatile” The SVthat maximizes the actual combat benefits unique to magnetic brakes is less likely to backlash, and the cast is easily determined … As a result, you can catch well! Minimal mug dial You can handle everything from lightweight rigs to heavy lures literally without stress by just adjusting. You don’t have to spend time setting up by changing spools or opening side plates. Among them, the SV, which has the widest range of lure defense, can be used in any style or field, from okappari to boats. The air brake system maximizes the effectiveness of the magnetic brake and completes a new era of versatile reels.

image■ Air brake system
A brake system that achieves stress-free usability with extremely little backlash while significantly improving accuracy performance. The combination of the lightweight induct rotor structure and the lightweight spool greatly improves the rotational response as a spool unit. At the same time, the setting aims for a synergistic effect with the mag brake that has a clear on and off effect, and the brake works well at full cast, but at low rotation such as pitching, the induct rotor does not pop out and you can shoot with a low trajectory. In other words, the spool rises quickly even with a small force, the lure flies surprisingly well without force, and on the contrary, the backlash zone generated by the force is braked exactly. The result is a high level of comfort with the same brake settings for pitching and casting.
image■ UTD [Ultimate Tournament Drag]
Eliminates the initial bite at the beginning of the drag effect, and has the maximum drag force that works as you tighten while achieving smoothness without stick (unevenness).
image■ SPEED SHAFT [Speed ​​shaft] The
spool is only supported by the BB. The shaftless makes the extra resistance zero and the ideal spool rotation can be obtained.