Rampage horse 

It is a cutting edge tournament rod for modern competition that was realized only with Yuuki Kamiya, who has the top tournament cutting technique of “Rodeo Ride” Makoto Toshiji Majima and the most advanced rod knowledge and manufacturing technology + high fishing technology compared to the horseshoe.

“Fighting Finesse” Katsue
Imae describes Ma淵 ‘s unique spinning style “fighting finesse” as “strong and beautiful spinning” .The Horseman’s Fighting FinessE is a style that strikes the shallow structure and cover at short pitch with accuracy and speed that do not seem to be spinning .

For this, it is better to have a bend at the end to determine the timing and direction of casting, rather than a rod that bends as a whole.

And after putting the bus, the power to pull out from the cover instantly is also essential.

Furthermore, in the tournament, it is necessary to fish from the place after the top professional attacked.

In order to do that, we do things that people can not do and catch fish that people can not catch and win.

So what he asked for in the rod.

“Learn all the lure conditions. ” 
I can move it as I imagined. ” 
I can definitely cast to the point I aimed at. ]

It is a solid composite manufacturing method that combines Kadani’s solid tip + tubular with the realization of all this.

“An area that knows only horseshoes. A rod that only Kamiya can make.” For

horseshoes, the rod is an extension of a finger,
that is Rodeo Ride Fighting Fines.
It is not a solid that emphasizes blanking but is characterized by a solid with tension to operate positively.

Kimo has a fast-returning blanks structure that Kamiya calls a high-speed taper.

Hybrid racing grip cork and EVA.
Because EVA is slightly heavier, control the center of gravity by bringing EVA to the rear grip.
We remove weight to the limit and raise operability.

Reel seat
by up lock structure to secure the top, cork from blanks, because all reel seat is in close contact with
vibration, the backlash is not, sense of security, and delivers the direct is also a sensitivity surface there is a sense of unity.

Arranged with Kamiya’s unique concept based on the guide K guide system.
A lightweight, small diameter guide is used to improve the sensitivity and operability of the solid.