Released in April 2018

Equipped with cutting edge design and carbon handle! Lightweight 188g high value low profile bait casting reel that inherits the REVO gene

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ROXANI’s trick 1-spool exchange-




Comments on Marmo (Mamoru Kagiya) products

The Loki Sani series will be released soon.
As for the
proper use of the Marmo-like Loki Sani series, the plug system such as small minnows and cranks is Loki Sani BFS8, the
Versatile is Loki Sani 7 when you want to handle scrolls and shots, and the
Loki Sani 8 when you want to specialize in cover games and shots. It is recommended to use it properly.
Please enjoy various styles of bass fishing with the Loki Sani series !!



Equipped with cutting edge design and carbon handle! Lightweight 188g high value low profile bait casting reel that inherits the REVO gene


The robust Dura metal frame firmly supports the internal mechanism, and the salt shield pinion BB is installed for a wide range of applications from fresh water to salt water. With the newly installed IB-X brake system, it is possible to set from the magnet and from the centrifuge. It is also compatible with the BF spool of the same series, and can be used in many variations.


Dura metal frameThe aluminum frame focuses on weight reduction without reducing strength

Extreme design.

Material setting considering tough use in salt.


Infini brake system

This time, ROX ANI is equipped with 10 magnets and 4 centrifugal brake blocks even in the Infini brake system.

Brake settings are possible for anyone who casts. Centrifugal brake casters strengthen the centrifugal block

By strengthening the magnet brake, the casters of the magnet brake group can freely feel their favorite feeling.

Of course, by using it together, it became possible to cast under all wind conditions.

Centrifugal brake has two types of weights. Blue is stronger and white is weaker.

In addition, the 8lb-100m spool of ROXANI BF8 can be installed as it is without replacing parts.

Extra super duralumin gear & gear shaft

Extra super duralumin gears to ensure weight reduction and strength

Uses a gear shaft.

Backup ratchet

By using not only the one-way bearing at the base of the handle but also the ratchet type backup ratchet

In case of a big game.

Dura clutch

Thorough review of the moving part, easy to cut,

It has a clutch structure with improved durability.

Extra lightweight φ33mm SLC spool made of extra super duralumin

The lightweight ultra-super shralmin spool is designed to be thin while considering strength.

Uses a φ33mm spool that fits almighty in the Japanese field.

Line capacity of 14lb-100m. The lower winding guideline is machined on the side of the spool.

It is possible to just fit the matching line capacity,

It is possible to maximize the speed advantage of the maximum spool diameter.

The following thread winding amount can be wound underneath. It is a guideline from the center of the spool.

1st: Guideline for lower winding for 12b-100m 2nd: Guideline for lower winding for 14lb-75

3rd: 12lb-75m 2nd volume guideline

Recessed reel foot
The split reel foot pushes the spool downwards, enabling further low pro.

The height from the foot is about 40 mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.


Flat Knob & Knob 80mm Crank Dura Carbon Handle

By laminating a highly elastic carbon material, it contributes to high strength, weight reduction and sensitivity improvement.

The length is almighty and adopted a length of 80 mm in consideration of reeling on the wrist.

The handle knob is made of rubber with a shape that is easy to grip.

Lure keeper

Equipped with a lure keeper that is useful for moving small places.

It is possible to hang a nail on the protrusion and pull it out.

At the same time, if you store it through the line in the half-moon shaped hole,

Useful for storage as a function of the line keeper.


Salt Shield TM Pinion Bearing

By adopting a newly developed ball bearing with a water-repellent coat applied to the entire inside and outside,

The salt shaving phenomenon that causes abnormal rotation noise is drastically reduced.

We have succeeded in greatly improving the rotation feel and durability.

It is used for the pinion gear part where salt crystals are most likely to remain on the dual-axis reel.

Product features

  • Light weight 188g
  • Extra super duralumin SLC spool
  • Extra super duralumin gear
  • 80mm crank Dura carbon handle
  • HPCR ball bearing
  • Extra super duralumin gear shaft
  • Dyura metal frame
  • IB-X brake system
  • φ33mm spool
  • Salt Shield Pinion BB
  • Lure keeper