Fishing that makes full contact using all the techniques you can have. Make sure to get a big chance for a moment to come suddenly. In recent multi-playing style bass fishing, a strong mentality that gives one chance and a “brave attack” are indispensable. Rhodium, a new rigid body machine, has a strong ultra-light metal frame created by ITO Engineering as its basic skeleton, and has an ultra-precision gear layout package with a silky drive feel that instantly produces a masterpiece of hoisting torque, and cutting-edge technology in reel build. Introduced without increasing. On top of that, a number of “special fine tunes” are applied everywhere to control tough fields with various methods. The “AIR brake system” has significantly improved accuracy and reduced backlash to the utmost limit. By synchronizing the ultra-lightweight induct rotor with the ultra-lightweight extra-super duralumin SV spool “Megabass Blanking Edition”, a surprisingly low trajectory cast is achieved in pitching. The skipping that extends deeper into the cover is a masterpiece. What’s more, in the long distance cast, the multi-playing performance that can throw a lightweight lure of only 4g stress-free realizes stress-free “full contact bass fishing” at a high level. The Destroyer series, Valkyrie series, and excellent match-the-balance for all rods are also one of Rhodium’s diverse performances.



* The image is a proto.