Lighter, more sensitive, and stronger.

It is easy to make a light and brittle rod, and a heavy and strong rod.
The ideal [light, strong, high sensitivity] rod that everyone envisions consists of contradictory contradictions (PARADOX).

Light and highly sensitive.
Delicate tip and tough bad power.
PARADOX is a bass rod sent by Studio Composite that has cleared such a contradiction.

01 01Monocoque carbon grip

Monocoque carbon (hollow structure) grips are produced in-house for the front and rear grips, and are laminated and crimped with elastic tubes. The highly rigid and highly sensitive carbon grip accurately conveys the state of the water and the movement of the lure to the angler.

02 02One & half

Both PARADOX and FTB series are designed with one and half structure. This uses different carbon elastic moduli for the tip section and butt section, resulting in a flexible and delicate tip, and a tough and liftable bad section.
The clearance of the joint part is 9 to 10 mm.
If you insert it any further or if it is loosely inserted, it is more likely to be damaged.

03 03Reel seat

PTS (above) is used for PARADOX 73045, 7306, 76045, 7606, 711045, 71106.
ECS (bottom photo) is used for PARADOX 7102, 7103, and 7603.


PARADOX 7102/7103/7603 has single foot + double foot specifications.
PARADOX 73045, 7306, 76045, 7606, 711045, 71106 are all double foot specifications.