The F5st-65XS KIRISAME KAMEYAMA SPECIAL is the ultimate spinning tool for finesse cover situations and deep, open water nose-hooking. The medium-fast taper is finished with a solid carbon STINGER TIP for unimaginable sensitivity in a F5-power rod. This unique marriage of opposites allows for the presentation of lighter rigs that would only be possible with rods underpowered for the task at hand.

The KAMEYAMA SPECIAL is built to target deep rockpiles, gnarly submerged timber, brush, and structure infested with treacherously sharp quagga mussels. With this “heavyweight finesse” spinning setup, delicate rigs can be cast into heavy cover with confidence. The STINGER TIP allows for subtle lure manipulation and crisp sensitivity, while the F5-powered blank has the backbone to decisively haul hard-won catches from cover.

*As with all STINGER TIPS, please be especially mindful of tip storage and high-sticking, as this professionally tuned tool will not forgive misuse. If cared for properly, the STINGER TIP will deliver unrivaled performance, year after year.