Assumed lure: 7-ounce magnum bait

The strongest action (ACT-H) & longest model in the series is compatible with 7 ounce class Magnum big bait. 

It is a heavyweight big bait rod.

The slightly longer grip makes it easier to cast using the repulsion of the rod using the principle of the rod.

In addition, we adopted a rod design unique to the heavyweight class that can be sandwiched aside for rod action.

For big bait fishing all day long by achieving the optimum weight balance while rods with strong power

It is one that you can concentrate and enjoy.


“Big bait” rod OUTSIDER has been renewed!

JB TOP50 V3 Deez: The rod “OUTSIDER” for “Big Bait” produced by Aoki Pro has been renewed with the addition of “ODC-66MH +”.

The ultimate big bait rod that reflects the experience and technology of Daisuke Aoki’s top professionals has been redesigned with 4 items with different total lengths and actions.

In addition, ABU’s original “KBS (Keep Balance System): Keep Balance System” is adopted, and we are particular about blanks material, guide setting, grip parts, etc.

By adjusting the total weight balance, we have realized a weighted design that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you switch between 4 items each.

JB TOP50 Pro Series V3: Daisuke Aoki Introducing the strongest rod for “Big Bait” in history!

of 1.4 axial carbon The torque is improved by using 4 axis cross carbon formed in 4 directions of vertical, horizontal and diagonal (0 degree, 45 degree, 90 degree, 135 degree).

2- MS-Straight Cork Grip (Material Separation-Straight Cork Grip) A
straight grip is formed using two types of cork materials with different roles.
The upper part uses AAA cork that emphasizes grip. The lower part uses compressed cork that can withstand the grip load when casting heavy lures.
By controlling the amount of cork used, it also contributes to the realization of an exquisite rod weight balance.

3. FUJI Titanium guide adopted / KR guide concept

4. ABU’s own “KBS (Keep balance system): keep balance system” adopted
Total weight balance adjustment such as blanks material, guide setting, grip parts, etc. when building tackle system with rod with different length action Also,
you can handle “without stress” without worrying about the feeling of each rod.