Achieves “no more than” usability in sea bass bait reels.
Compact, tough, cast stretch, bob to boat.
More than PE is highly regarded as a bait reel for sea bass. Not only the body but also both sides are made of aluminum to obtain extremely high rigidity. The powerful and stable winding not only clearly conveys changes in the flow to your hand, but also allows you to easily retrieve the lure that you are pulling, and also attracts big fish. The compact body that is easy to palm and the 100mm long handle that supports powerful winding make you feel the rigidity even more. Changed from a defensive setting that does not cause backlash with PE even in the brake, to an offensive setting that flies to the limit and extends in the second half. From long-distance casting of iron plate vibration to pin spot casting such as minnow, there is no gap in its potential.
Specification details
■ Mag Shield Ball Bearing Equipped The ball bearing
of the pinion gear, which is the most salty part of the salt bait reel, is made into a mag shield.
■ Tough concept: Super high rigidity and high precision super metal housing
Super metal (AL) frame, handle side side plate, dial side set plate and housing are all made of aluminum. Equipped with 100mm crank handle and high grip I large knob, it also contributes to comfortable hoisting during actual fishing.
■ G1 Duralumin
Magforce Z PE Long Distance Tune Pool Equipped New G1 Duralumin High Precision Φ34mm Magforce Z PE 1.5-200m long cast specification spool installed (RCSB1000 series spool compatible). Due to the weight reduction, the start-up is good and the spool rotation performance is also improved.
■ Zero adjuster The
mechanical brake no longer needs to be adjusted again, only to suppress the backlash of the spool. Once the “zero setting” that suppresses spool play to the minimum can be set, the optimum braking force for each lure used can be achieved simply by adjusting the mag dial.

Daiwa’s waterproof and durable technology ” MAGSE ALED BALL BEARING ” has the greatest merit of eliminating rust and abnormal noise of ball bearings and maintaining initial performance for a long period of time. To do. If almost all ball bearings, not only for reels, are used for a certain period of time, the rotational performance deteriorates due to the wear of the balls. However, conventional ball bearings for reels are often unusable due to salt stains and rust before the balls are worn. This changes completely with Mag Shield. Ball bearings will reach their “original life” without any maintenance. Further, since the mag-shield ball bearing has a non-contact structure in which mag oil fills a slight gap between the inner ring and the electrode plate, the rotational resistance is originally very small. The difference in rotational feel is clear when compared to bearings that use rubber packing inside for waterproofing. Smooth rotation with infinitely zero friction is maintained for a surprisingly long time without any special care. It goes without saying how groundbreaking this is.

image ■ ATD [Automatic Drag System] A
new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pull of the fish and continues to work smoothly. For small spinning and electric reels, we pursued start-up and followability. For large spinning such as Saltiga, it is a setting that suppresses the decrease in drag force during fighting. Both were developed with the goal of being able to concentrate on fighting without worrying about drag settings.
image ■ TWS [T-Wing System]
How to make full use of the spool performance that rapidly increases the number of revolutions due to the weight reduction and low resistance of the spool in recent years …? DAIWA put a scalpel there. Backlash is a traffic jam when compared to traffic. Big cities, busy roads. If the number of lanes suddenly decreases and cars are concentrated, traffic jams will occur immediately. On the contrary, if the number of lanes increases … TWS greatly reduces the resistance at the line guide near the spool where the spool rotation speed is the highest, and promises comfortable fishing with less backlash. It flies well, has better controllability, falls faster, and has less backlash. TWS improves all basic performance of bait reels.
image ■ Magforce Z PE Long Distance The induct
rotor operates smoothly according to the number of revolutions of the pool, which makes it possible to strengthen the brakes in the first half of the cast and weaken the second half, resulting in a stretchy cast feel. .. A proven braking mechanism that features ease of adjusting the braking force and strength against the external environment. In addition, this series uses the Magforce Z PE Long Distance Tune, which has been specially tuned for long-distance casting performance on the PE line. For normal use, dials 5 to 10 are compatible with almost all lures. If more advanced players aim for further long-distance casting, the setting is such that by using dial 5 or less in combination with summing, you can enjoy up to “a higher flight distance with technique”.
Other functions / specifications
  • ATD & Drag Drawer Click
  • 100mm aluminum crank handle + I type high grip large knob