Metanium [Metanium]

A lightweight, highly operable, wide-defense technical all-rounder equipped with a magnesium-integrated core solid body and a Magnum Light Spool III that achieves a light start-up and good stretch. With light operability and improved adaptability to tough fishing, you can handle winding, shooting and light rigs technically. Furthermore, while maintaining its light weight, it is equipped with an ultra-high-strength brass drive gear to improve its toughness.

Lightness and strength can be one.

The first fusion of innovation. Metanium

The first fusion of innovation.

The “Magnum Light Spool III” (first adopted in 19 Antares) has achieved unprecedented low inertia by applying a significant thinning. The “core solid body” (first adopted in the 18 bantam MGL) achieves high rigidity while having a low profile by integrally molding the main frame and level wind protector. For the first time in NEW Metanium, these two innovative technologies have been condensed into one unit.
The Magnum Light Spool III, which boasts a light start-up and overwhelming ease of pulling out, is housed in a highly rigid and compact core solid body to support “lighter lures” and “attack further into the depths”. Increased the growth of ballistic cast and gained toughness to adapt to “more strong fishing”. In addition, bantam MGL used aluminum for the main frame and side plates, but NEW Metanium uses magnesium. The compact and easy-to-use core solid body has been further reduced in weight.
While maintaining the “high operability brought about by lightness”, which is the identity of Metanium, it has improved its ability to handle more powerful and technical fishing. More technical, more all-round. NEW Metanium sets another standard for Versatile.

Its sharp operability does not choose the scene to use.

Its sharp operability does not choose the scene to use.

The reason why Metanium is Metanium is that it has a body size, shape, lightness that makes it easy for anyone to handle, light and sharp operability, and versatility. At NEW Metanium, the drive gear has been changed from aluminum to ultra-high-strength brass in pursuit of even greater toughness. Coupled with the adoption of a core solid body, it has improved adaptability to “strong fishing” than before, but the weight is the same as the previous model while increasing rigidity. Moreover, because the size is compact, the well-established high operability is further sharpened. NEW Metanium that dramatically improved the ability as an all-under. It is one that responds to the various techniques of anglers that are delivered in various situations.

By adopting ultra-high strength brass drive gear, the weight of the gear itself has increased a little, but the increase is offset by reviewing each internal and external parts such as star drag and handle knob. While improving the durability of the reel, we kept 175g, which is the same weight as the previous model 16 Metanium.


MAGNUMLITE SPOOL Ⅲ[Magnum Light Spool Three]

Ultra-thin spool that thoroughly pursues low inertia.
As if crawling on the surface of the water, shoot at will.

The state-of-the-art Magnum Light Spool III has evolved into the first generation Magnum Light Spool and the second generation Magnum Light Spool, and was born as the third generation. We have taken on the challenge of further thinning the spool and achieved lower inertia than before without compromising durability. In addition, the spool mounted on Antares Methanium has a narrow shape with a width of 19 mm for an outer diameter of 34 mm, which reduces the inertia by about 15% compared to the second generation Magnum light spool. Achieved. Not only long-distance casting performance, but also a light start-up that far exceeds the conventional one, an exhilarating cast feel that extends forever, and a significant improvement in trouble avoidance performance.



Cross-sectional comparison photograph of the 2nd generation Magnum Light Spool and Magnum Light Spool III. We pushed the limits of thinning and achieved thinning without sacrificing durability.


A metal integrally molded body that achieves both high rigidity and compact size.

The level wind protector and side plate, which are usually made separately from the frame, are integrally molded with metal. It boasts high rigidity and realizes a compact body size that is easy to palm. The tough body that does not make noise even under heavy load makes it difficult for bending to occur when interacting with big fish or forcibly pulling out fish from the cover, realizing a stable winding comfort. It is a highly reliable new body structure that allows you to power fight with confidence.



A wide range of support is possible by adjusting the external dial.
Next-generation centrifugal brake has evolved further.

Centrifugal brake SVS that combines cast accuracy that aims at the back of the point and long-distance casting performance from a light start and good stretch that comes out. The latest SVS∞ (Infinity) has a wide range of brake adjustment, and can handle a wide range of situations simply by adjusting the external dial (internal brake shoes: when 4 are ON). Furthermore, finer brake adjustment is possible by adjusting the internal brake shoes.

* 4 brake shoes are on at the time of shipment.


Basically, all four internal brake shoes can be turned on.


The braking force can be adjusted only with the external dial for most situations.


The ultra-compact precision gear and elaborate body housing provide a “silky” winding feeling that you have never experienced before. Even when compared with conventional gears, the vibration level is less than half (compared to our company), and the number of meshing teeth has increased, ensuring strength that surpasses that of conventional gears. Shimano’s original gear system that has both a smooth feel and strength.


Micro module gear


Normal gear


By completely reviewing the cutting method, the spool accuracy has improved dramatically and the quietness during casting has also improved (compared to our company). The smooth rotation without blurring creates a further flight distance.



O-rings are placed on the inner and outer diameters of the bearing and the outer diameter of the bearing to improve the degree of adhesion with the shaft and frame and reduce rattling. Eliminates rotational loss and achieves high quietness and a smooth feel.