<Limited order period/Made-to-order model>
Orders for this limited edition model, based on the IRSC-66M Cobra RS model, were taken in the Fall of 2021 and closed on October 2021.
Planning for a tuning model for overseas markets is underway for the Inspirare, which has been well received not only in Japan but also around the world. However, first of all, for the Japanese Inspirare fans ahead of the rest of the world…we will be producing two tuned models to order.
The first model of the Inspirare dressed up with aurora parts is Cobra, a representative model of a thick low taper versatile rod with a beautiful bend curve without any quirks. The second model is the Super Stallion, a high-taper, high-power rod that can handle heavy lures with ease and precision. Because this model uses custom-made parts, orders will only be accepted for a limited time.

Blanks, guides, grips, parts… the best of the best in everything.

▶IRSC-66M Same best performance blank as Cobra RS.
33 tons of carbon (approx. 70%) and medium elasticity 24 tons of carbon made by applying Nanoalloy® technology to the high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayka® T1100G”. (approximately 30%) hybrid configuration.
▶ The latest and lightest Torzite ring LKW guide newly adopted in the series
The lightest Torzite ring LKW guide (titanium frame double foot) is placed in the butt section, all double foot setting contributes to even more robustness and lightness.
▶ AAA Champagne Cork Separate Grip Symbolizing the RS Series
A combination of blank touch type Fuji ECS reel sheet with black mica color and AAA champagne cork which is highly hard and contains a lot of air.
[Aurora color metal parts]
Dress up the area around the grip with aurora color metal parts. (Winding check, ring between reel seat and center grip, ring at grip end)